Batteries Directive

  • Capacity Labelling of Rechargeable Batteries (Portable) : the Regulation contains all requirements formulated by RECHARGE on the marking of the rated capacity of these batteries. Contribution to the stakeholder meetings and informal meetings with the Commission.
  • Review of Article 4 § 3 of the Batteries. RECHARGE has taken an active part in the negotiation between Commission, Parliament and Council. The final text proposed for vote integrates a good proportion of the RECHARGE proposals.
  • Leadership of the battery industry action on the preparation of the Recycling Efficiency Calculation Methodology prepared by the EU Commission. Contribution to the stakeholder meetings and informal meetings with the Commission.


  • RECHARGE obtained the classification of batteries as „Articles“ under REACH and not as chemicals in a container. Consequence: batteries are only subject to the light duty of Article 7 § 2 of REACH (Notification when they contain substances of very high concern placed on the authorization list).

Energy Using Products

  • RECHARGE has organised stakeholder workshops on batteries and battery chargers with BIO Intelligence to better define the contribution of rechargeable batteries to the overall EU electrical energy consumption and to better focus on priorities. (2006-2007)
  • RECHARGE is participating in the workshop UP 27: Un-interrupted Power Supply

Renewable Energy


  • A report has been issued on the role of batteries in a resource and energy efficient society: Advanced Rechargeable Batteries: A Sustainable Technology for an Energy & Resource-Efficient Society

Raw Materials Initiative


  • RECHARGE always supports the removeability clause for the selective separation of batteries from WEEE, either by end users or by professionals.

Waste Framework Directive

  • RECHARGE participated in the Stakeholder consultation on the harmonization of Waste Directives: a revision is in preparation by the EU Commission.